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Mairie de Vitré

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Jardin des Rochers (Route d’Argentré-du-Plessis)



This 30-hectare park, which is privately owned but open to the public, was created before the arrival of Madame de Sévigné. Despite its vast size, she planted new trees and was constantly developing it. She also undertook arranging the landscape around the château and named the paths where she walked: "la Solitaire" (The Solitary), "l’Infinie" (The Infinite), "l’Humeur de ma Mère" (The Mood of my Mother). The ideal place for a stroll and for sports, with a CRAPA (outdoor fitness trail) offering dozens of activities along a 2,200m route, the Bois des Rochers attracts nature-lovers, walkers and athletes alike, who come out for a wander to admire the Valière barrage.