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A dynamic town


A young town

A third of the town’s 17,393 inhabitants are under the age of 20. Vitré is a great place to live for all of its inhabitants: with a rich heritage, close proximity to gardens, lakes and rivers and the surrounding woodland, high-quality facilities and services, a dynamic sports community, societies and trade opportunities... A host of festivities and events, open to all, are organised all year round, fostering community spirit. Vitré Jazz Festival, Gais Lurons Carnival, the elite Route Adélie de Vitré bicycle race, the Sportiviales and much more. A long list of actions and initiatives are organised to encourage social integration and sharing through partnerships with and involvement from various societies.

A dynamic economy

• Brittany’s leading industrial area: 44% of jobs are in industry (national average: 13%).
• Lowest unemployment rate in Brittany: 5.7%
• Brittany’s second youngest area (out of Brittany’s 21 areas).
• An area that remains dynamic and continues to create jobs, despite the crisis.
• Innovative economic network with many companies specialised in RFID (Radio Frequency Identification).

(Sources: Vitré and Vitré Communauté MEEF (Department for Employment, Enterprise and Training)).

A major agri-food and industrial stronghold, Vitré and its surrounding area have earned a solid reputation in terms of economic development. “The Vitré model”, described by Professor Dumont (Paris IV) and Ollivro (Université de Rennes 2), is based on an employment strategy that has been in place for 30 years. This involves strengthening the pre-existing industrial fabric, promoting diversification through market research and supporting companies in their development (developing business parks, constructing buildings and temporary offices).

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