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In and around the neighbourhoods


Vitré’s neighbourhoods are structured around its green spaces. These spaces, fruits of town planning, soften the buildings’ hard contours and define the neighbourhoods, connecting the different housing estates with each other or with the rest of the town.

La Fleuriais

(Neighbourhood located at the Vitré exit, towards route de la Guerche-de-Bretagne)

This area’s landscape design is built around paths shaped by a variety of colourful, flowered, deciduous and evergreen hedges. The pavements are lined with grass, shrubs and street trees.

The area is home to two sites: Le Verger and La Vallée du Guénault.

Le Verger

Set in an orchard, hence its name (’verger’ is French for orchard), this 5,000m² space is ideal for relaxation with its natural setting, and for leisure activities with three play structures: a place with something for everyone. At the bottom of the site the orchard’s apple trees give the place charm and serenity. A pleasant, natural setting where families can enjoy themselves.

La Vallée du Guénault

This space was designed as a bridge between the urban and the rural. It provides access to the sports facilities at the Saint-Étienne complex via a supported footpath which follows the stream: "le guénault". Lie back in the shade of the young trees intertwined with woodland plants, where the grass is freshly cut in some places, and left to grow like a meadow in others. A place blessed with the sweet scent of tranquillity and serenity.

Le clos de la Hodeyère

Greenery is all around. The houses are built in harmony with the footpaths, which are often lined with hedges.

Roadside green spaces also abound: strips of grass along the pavements, street plants and trees. The flowered plants brighten up the pavements for the enjoyment of the residents and passers-by; who will also find places to relax: a sheltered space with a play area, an open green space, a square with a fountain... Each spot is a meeting point where the many paths that bring this neighbourhood’s friendly atmosphere to life convene.

Quatre Vents and Villaudin

To the north, the various paths that create a network between these neighbourhoods offer a wealth of walk ideas. Paths and green roadside spaces leading to Vitré’s old town, the Vilaine valley and the Pré des Lavandières.

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